Winter Magic

With Ebba Bodame

‘King Winter walks over hill and dale

He covers the world with his cold icy vale’ 

When we celebrate a season we show gratitude for the treasures given to us. We help our children connect to nature and to gradually build a sense of responsibility for our Mother Earth. 

As we journey with our children into winter, we can discover treasures unique to the season.  We will be looking at …….

* winter stories and shadow theatre for the dark afternoons of the solstice

* bringing the senses and the soul quality of warmth to the midwinter celebration

* activities and craft ideas for communities large and small

Ebba Bodame is a Steiner early childhood educator. She has given talks and workshops for parents and teachers over many years. She is also the author of ‘Early Childhood Wisdom’. Based on her own childhood festival experiences, which are still a source of strength and nourishment for her, she wishes to help today’s parents to find ways to meaningfully celebrate their own family or community festivals

Thursday June 2nd 7.30pm on Zoom $20