Specialty Subjects


for Homeschoolers K-2              

Term by term programs to develop foundation skills in literacy and numeracy, fine motor skills, building resourcefulness, developing concentration and engaging the will.

Join educators, Arona Gibbons, Kristy Barry and Kylie Ross each term for engaging sessions learning new crafts and assisting the development of all of these skills to bring to your children. Projects to incorporate finger knititng, knitting, sewing and long stitch, to name a few. They have extensive experience working in Steiner schools both in the classroom and in holding parent workshops. 

Each term’s workshop will be guided through stories, verse and imaginative ways to bring these craft skills to your children, who will feel challenged and fulfilled  by their new found capacities. 

$20 per session Starting term 2 Please email us to register your interest or to mail order craft packs


Growing up in connection with the Earth and Mother Nature

Each month we will look at

  • How the life force works in nature
  • Caring for the environment
  • Feeding ourselves
  • Nutrition (children love to eat what they grow &  cook)
  • The cycles of nature (birth, death and rebirth), seasons and cycles of time
  • The elements and how they affect us
  • Building and erecting simple structures
  • Develop observation skills
  • Agriculture

Some of the things we can learn by gardening:

  • What seeds to propagate (using food that children enjoy & how to look after them
  • When to transplant using sun and moon cycles in our gardening rhythm
  • Creating suitable soil
  • Creating garden beds 
  • Identifying and treating for any pests
  • Observing the stages of plant growth
  • Using climactic observation (including temperature and rainfall) to support plant growth
  • Harvesting food we have grown
  • Cooking with local foods – grown and foraged
  • Other uses for the plants around us – herbal teas, crafts etc
  • Keeping a learning journal

This monthly practical course will give you a well-organised outline of a year in your garden, creating a community of parents and children, sharing the experience of growing food together, but in different gardens. 

This community would be for parents of children in the temperate zone (green on the map) This zone starts at Port Macquarie on the East Coast and Perth on the West Coast.

Mary Heard is a Simplicity Parenting coach and voluntary simplifier. She has studied Biodynamic Agriculture and Nutrition through EduCareDo International Learning and Research centre and grows her own vegetables in her backyard.

Kristy Barry is a Waldorf Primary and Early Childhood teacher with over 12 years experience working in Steiner schools. She enjoys working seasonally in the garden, and will help to guide creative book work and  beautiful gardens for parents and children alike.

Starting term 2 Please email us to register your interest $20 per session

Developmental Movement

Diane Tatum

Movement plays a key role in child development, starting with conception. We learn more in our first year of motor development than at any other time of life! 

The different stages of motor development are keys to understanding how we learn and grow and can also be used as keys to unlocking the riddles of specific learning difficulties.

In an interactive and entertaining style, Diane will take you through these stages from birth to walking upright. Be prepared for surprises!

This workshop is for parents and teachers of children with individualised learning styles and for everyone with an interest in child development.

As a professional Eurythmist and learning support teacher, Diane Tatum was amazed to discover – in her 30’s and 40’s – the keys to her own learning difficulties, hidden in the stages of the Developmental Movement Sequence – despite being a straight-A student at school! Many years of researching led her to an understanding of how the streams of life-movement found in Eurythmy are aligned with the stages of motor development in the first years of life. 

Thursday March 3rd,7.30-9pm

Booking https://www.trybooking.com/BWXMK After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Oliver Charles 

“When the human being hears music, he has a sense of wellbeing, because these tones harmonise with what he has experienced in the world of his spiritual home.”

— Rudolf Steiner

All of my happiest memories are in music. I want to share this gift, this art, with others.

Oliver is a violinist studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and has performed in orchestras including the Australian Youth Orchestra, Sydney Youth Orchestra and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. He was Concertmaster of the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra, toured Europe with the SYO in 2017, and played in a student program with the London Symphony Orchestra. 

Oliver attended Central Coast Steiner school from Kindergarten through to Year 8, before being accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium High School. He teaches violin from Class 3 and up, basic piano to all ages, and music theory to all students, including Extension 2 HSC Music. Oliver is available to teach online or in person, and will happily adapt lessons to each student’s individual needs and preferences. 

Oliver can be contacted by emailing the Steiner Homeschool Cooperative