Simplicity Parenting

So many of the problems we are facing today both as parents and children are arising as the direct result of overwhelm, the consequences of ‘too much, too fast, too soon’. While the commercial world tells us we need more of everything to be happy, we know this has gone too far and we have to take a stand for ourselves and our families.

Simplicity Parenting has been called ‘a wardrobe clean for the soul’. In the workshops we take time to look inside ourselves, to realign with our values and discover ways to get rid of the things we don’t want to make room for what is important

By simplifying our environment, our family rhythms, our schedules and adult content in our family life parents find they have more time for……………

weekend walks,  watching their children play,  teaching their children songs from their childhood, teaching skills like  baking cakes  and mending bike tyres,  playing cards and boardgames,  long chats at the dinner table and so many other golden moments of family life.

In this talk Mary will introduce you to the basic tools of Simplicity Parenting and open up some possibilities for making positive changes towards an easier slower life

Mary Heard trained as a Simplicity Parenting Coach in 2015 and has been helping families simplify their lives for the past 6 years. Mary brings warmth, understanding and joy to these sessions and has brought calm and connection to families all over Australia.

Wednesday 8th June 7.30pm on Zoom $20