Primary Years


The human story as a context of meaning for life

Bernadette White

In our time, young people are increasingly experiencing a loss of meaning in their lives.  In this series of online presentations, Bernadette White will look at the temple wisdom, art, and mythologies of ancient and medieval cultures to unfold the hidden currents of history and in particular the role of the ancient Mysteries. We will explore how new spiritual impulses entered the stream of human evolution and how, through these Mystery teachings, the future was prepared.  

Having spent over three decades as a class teacher, teacher educator, story-teller, and student of history, Bernadette will show how this unfolding of the human story can give a context of meaning within which we can find direction and hope for our lives.  Particular examples will be given from the Steiner school main lessons devoted to ancient mythologies and histories.

7.30pm every second Thursday beginning Thursday 10th Feb: $20 per session

Thursday 10th February:  Ancient Mystery Wisdom, Ancient India and Persia please contact us for a copy of the recording of this event

Thursday 24th February:  Ancient Egypt and the story of Isis and Osiris please contact us for a copy of the recording of this event

Thursday 10th March:       Ancient Greece:  Myths and Mysteries

Thursday 24th March:       Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages


Bernadette White has worked in Steiner schools as a Special Education (Curative) Teacher and class teacher, and as a teacher educator for almost 4 decades.  Her special interest is English and history


This online presentation is designed to support parents who are embarking on a homeschooling journey with their children.

Lynne is currently teaching in the Steiner School System in Australia and has been teaching for 2 decades, primarily as a Class Teacher from Years 1 to 8. 

Prior to this she home-schooled her own children in an alternative Home-school/Waldorf school setting in New Jersey, USA.

Lynne will share practical advice about the journey to develop mathematical skills from Years 1 to 6. Important steps along the path of numeracy are highlighted with attention given to a variety of approaches that evoke active enthusiasm for exploring mathematical concepts.

This will include how to teach simple arithmetical addition, subtraction, division and multiplication through imagination; teaching of times tables; time, measurement and money; introduction to fractions and decimals and basic geometrical skills. 

This event has already occurred, please contact us for copies of the recording