Special Needs


Victoria Boore

When we turn to the philosophy and teachings of Rudolf Steiner, we discover new ways of perceiving the self and others. We are reminded to look past the labels and are given tools with which to truly observe the child before us. The therapeutic nature of the Steiner curriculum and method of teaching holds and supports the child with special needs, and celebrates the uniqueness of each child.

Together, let’s explore the following…

  • Who I am, what I bring, and how I perceive the child before me can unlock the learning
  • Creating a beautiful learning environment that engages the imagination and senses, can have a calming effect on the child
  • Establishing a daily rhythm can help develop confidence and security, and reduce anxiety
  • Developing a therapeutic Morning Circle of movement, verse and song specific to the individual needs of your child can support learning. Incorporate elements of Extra Lesson to address imbalances and encourage the development of neural pathways, by including movements which cross the vertical and horizontal midlines. Incorporate speech exercises through verse and song.
  • Discover the power of story as a creative way to address and modify behaviours
  • Question time. Where would you like to go from here? What are your needs?

Victoria will lead the opening talk and will be joined by various teachers and specialists as we progress. Victoria has been teaching for 31 years in both mainstream and Steiner education and has taught leaners of all ages. She began her career as a high school teacher of English and History, and went on to discover the wonderful world of Deaf education, sign language and Itinerant Support teaching. Victoria trained in Steiner education and embarked on the Class Teacher journey. She has specialised in Learning Support and special needs education for the last six years.

This session will be run once we have parents seeking support – please email us