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Lyn Clifton   

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Lyn Clifton

In recognising the increasing responsibilities parents and carers are taking in adding home schooling into their daily lives, a series of hands on practical sessions are being offered. These practical sessions will aim to provide parents and carers with an opportunity for some restorative nourishment as well as allowing them to experience home health mantles of care to support themselves in daily life. These practises can sustain and uplift us in our task of caring for others. 

In this first session of the Caring for the Carer of children series we will be introduced to and experience the harmonising aspects of water through a lemon footbath. How, when, why, to whom we can offer a footbath will be discussed before our footbath. Footbaths can leave us refreshed and ready for sleep. 

Having experienced for yourself you may also consider supporting a family member with this mantle of care at another time. The lemon footbath is one of the standbys and very effective care mantles to have on your list in your care basket or home care kit for all family health and wellbeing.

A list of items to prepare for the workshop and a written handout of instructions will be emailed on ticket purchase. Participant numbers are limited to enable questions, interaction and connection.

Lyn Clifton is a Community Health Social Worker offering Anthroposophic home health care practically to enable its integration into the daily life of children, parents, carers, teachers and communities through experiential workshops mentoring, and home visits. Humans are comprised of over 70% water and it is no mistake the healing support and shifts water mantles of care can bring in restoring harmony and wellbeing. Lyn is available for group or individual mentoring and support as the needs may arise. She also offers workshops with colleagues of Raphael’s Rooms and Developing the Self Developing the World

Wednesday 30th March, 7.30-8.30pm $20