Myths and Mysteries

The human story as a context of meaning for life

with Bernadette White

In the final two lectures in this series, Bernadette will continue the journey begun last term when we investigated the ancient cultures of India, Persia, Egypt, and Greece looking at the temple wisdom, art, and mythologies of these cultures to unfold the hidden currents of history and in particular the role of the ancient Mysteries.  We will continue this term with themes from the European Middle Ages.

Having spent over three decades as a class teacher, teacher educator, story-teller, and student of history, Bernadette will show how this unfolding of the human story can give a context of meaning within which we can find direction and hope for our lives.  Particular examples will be given from the Steiner school main lessons devoted to ancient mythologies and histories.

7.30pm Thursday 5th May: Celtic Spirituality and the Legends of King Arthur

7.30pm Thursday 19th May: Parzival and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Booking for King Arthur

Booking For Parzival