Early Childhood

Kindergarten / Early Childhood

Kristy Barry

Kristy will share an evening on the developmental stage and needs of our dear 5 and 6 year olds. She will bring to share the overarching picture of the Kindergarten year, and support ways to establish a strong rhythm to your child/ren’s days at home. 

Kristy will also be available through the year as a mentor and support, should a possibility and need arise for ongoing care and mentoring with appropriate developmental stories, activities and songs, working through the seasons, as well as ways to support creative play in this foundation year. Further workshops will be held on understanding the lower four senses of the Early Childhood phase, and working with the young child’s will through activity and engagement.

 Kristy has taught in Steiner kindergartens, preschools and playgroups for over 12 years in both Australia and the UK, and is Steiner teacher- trained at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. She has a love and a deep reverence for the Steiner Early Childhood curriculum and will be able to work with helping you develop a healthy and holistic homeschool year. 

Please contact us to register for Kristy’s mentor groups