Anxiety and Depression Workshop

Working with anxiety & depression, uncertainty and fear, in the modern worldAn Anthroposophic Health Approach

Current times are seeing more change and uncertainty than at any time in the last eighty years.  Outer disturbances and inner and outer challenges affect us at any age.  Experiencing the many and commonplace tidal eddies in the flow of our lives and the world, can lead to feelings of uncertainty, fear, sorrow and a host of minor inner disturbances.  

These may begin with nervousness, that may remain minor, or may flow through to anxiety and depression, and other manifestations of upsets in our sense of wellbeing and confidence, in our feelings, physical body, our thoughts and actions.  

Anthroposophic medicine has an established approach of 100 years, supporting resilience, and bringing healing to these unsettled states of being, developing insights towards transforming what ails us, and supporting us to regain strength, balance, harmony and trust in oneself and life. 

 Raphaels Room’s Anthroposophic Practitioners General Practising Dr Narelle Savage, Home Care and Support Therapist Lyn Clifton, Art Therapist Julia Byrne, and  Rhythmic Etheric Massage & Acupuncturist John Holmes will offer ways they could work with these issues both individually and as a group

Thursday 26th May 7.30-9pm on Zoom $20